"B'reheet Bara Elohim AlephTa HaShamayim uaAlephTa HaEretz"
B'resheet 1:1
Qodeshim of Elohim

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Biblical Hebrew Language Course 1
Course Description:
12 Online Classes!
12 Week Online Semester

Bib Hebrew 101: Pictograph - Paleo Hebrew Script
Bib Hebrew Writing 101: Aleph-Bet Writing Script
Bib Hebrew Phonetics 101: Hebraic Phonology

This course material contains historical treasures of critical importance to humanity. Upon completion of this course, you'll become fully proficient in the Biblical Hebrew script, being able to unlock the Biblical base text.

Join the millions of people all over the world who are taking online Biblical Hebrew Language courses! Using grammar as a linguistic guide, you will discover the countless hidden treasures within the Bible that only the Hebrew language reveals.

Completion: Biblical Hebrew Language Certificate!

The Hebrew language contains distinct letters, sounds, and words that mean more than one thing. There are Hebrew names, words, and concepts that remain untranslated in the Hebrew text and never appear in any translation. For example, the amazing "Aleph Ta", which is first mentioned in B'resheet (Genesis) 1:1, and remains undiscovered in any translation. Register today and begin your discovery!

"And Mushah called Husha the son of Nun, Yahusha."
Qodeshim of Elohim

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