Email Marketing – Tier 4


All of your digital marketing needs done for you! We provide comprehensive digital marketing packages that includes Email, SEO, and Social Media Marketing solutions for your brand. We are able to connect your brand to a wide range of people who are looking for materials associated with your brand and create meaningful connections through email marketing.


Email marketing is one of the most important investments you must make for your company. Email marketing keeps you in connection with previous customers and also potential customers and helps you stay relevant as you continue to focus on leading your brand.

We are able to create stunning emails and send them to hundreds and thousands of people every month connecting your brand with new potential clients. All you need to do is decide how many potential new customers you want to reach.

We use Tier level email marketing strategies to create new friendships, and we help you maintain a meaningful relationship with them using our amazing email marketing techniques. Each person is a potential new customer ready to view your products and materials.

We don’t simply ask readers to buy something, we create emails that build friendships and trust over time. We help consumers by providing them important data and information that will help strengthen their buying decisions.

We have friendly, professional, and accommodating creative email writers who create the most meaningful and artistic emails each week for you.

Email Marketing Tier 4: $2500 monthly subscription

  • Custom Email Templates
  • Email Triggers (Site visitors, Abandoned Cart, etc.)
  • Create Email Campaigns
  • Built-in Links To Your Store
  • 500 emails per month (reach 500 people every month!)
  • Create Social Media Business Pages (Facebook and Instagram)
  • 7 Weekly Social Media Posts (Facebook and Instagram Business page)
  • 3 Social Media Marketing Ads (Reach 500 people each month!)

*Requires monthly subscription

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