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How to be smart with your money when choosing a Host

Hosting for your website is a very important decision for your business and can become very expensive which is why we are here to help you with our Free Hosting Plan Option.  

We offer free Hosting to help you launch your online website. Our Free Hosting gives you 1 Website, Free SSL, 2 Business Emails and Free Hosting. Our goal and our mission is to help individuals and small businesses reduce their monthly and yearly business expenses. 

We understand the complexities of business management and are here to provide a solution. You may apply for multiple free hosting accounts. Renewal is automatic and you can cancel or upgrade your account at anytime. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The Free Hosting Plan is a 24 month agreement. You will have free and secure web hosting for 24 months. After 24 months the plan will end and will need to be renewed. Applicants can re-apply at anytime.  

There are no monthly or annual Hosting costs! A one-time $99 processing fee is required per account upon approval. There are no plan costs or usage fees with Free Hosting. Free Hosting Plans will renew after 24months. 

  1. 5G Free Data
  2. 1 new Domain name (if needed)
  3. 2 Business Emails
  4. 1 Website
  5. Customer Support
  6. Cpanel Portal
  7. No monthly or annual Hosting bill.

Simply fill out the application. Tell us about your website and business function. This information will tell us what your new website will require. Decision only takes minutes and a customer care team associate will contact you with confirmation and to answer any questions. That’s all, you enjoy our amazing data management platform and features and never pay for Hosting again.

We offer free data migration for your website. If needed, we can easily and safely transfer your current domain from your current provider to our platform and you will never pay for Hosting again. 

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