malak מַלְאׇךְ

Strong’s Concordance: H4397

Hebrew Letters: מלאך (Mem-Lamed-Aleph-Kaph Sofit)

Part of speech: Masculine Noun

Definition: A messenger, an angel, ministering ruach (spirit) sent from Elohim (Hebrew 1:14). In Genesis 32:3-7, Jacob sends “messengers” ahead to his brother Esau in hope of receiving favor from him. Mostly, the word refers to “heavenly beings” sent by Elohim, who often assumed human form (Genesis 19:1; Judges 13:6). They also act as instruments of divine judgement (2 Samuel 24:16-17; Psalm 35:5-6; Isaiah 37:36). Sometimes the angel of Yahuah is identified as Yahuah Himself (Genesis 16:7; Genesis 22:11; Exodus 3:4).

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