the revealing of truth

3D Hebrew Study Group 

3D Hebrew Study Group (via Zoom)

Shalom, grace and truth!

Planet Elohim is committed to teaching everyone the richness and importance of the Ancient Hebrew language. We ruminate the Hebrew writing script, phonology, including morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, etymology, translations, transliterations, and other grammar rules surrounding the qodesh Hebrew scriptures. We also study important platforms such as love, relationships, faith, money, music, history, culture and family all from the Hebraic perspective. Each week we will study together safely via live zoom meetings. Students receive study group access details via preferred text or email.   Your 3D Study Group monthly subscription gives you revolving access to 3 live study courses happening each week! 

Materials Needed For Study Courses:

  1. Bible
  2. A computer or a smart device to access the online zoom app
  3. subject notepad for note taking
  4. A pencil for writing
  5. 1hr of dedicated study time 

Are you ready to truly know Elohim much deeper? Are you willing to dedicate your time towards the knowledge of the truth? Pierce through the many veils of interpretation into the Hebrew scriptures for foundational study of the Hebrew base text upon which all translations originate. Register below to join our Planet Elohim 3D Study Group. 

That which was hidden for us is now being revealed to us. We are forever students of the Hebraic understanding and application of the written Word. We invite you to study with us as we carefully preserve the Hebraic base text of scripture and thereby seek to obviate the scribal and traditional errors and misnomers hidden within the translations and transliterations.  The secret things belong to YHWH our Elohim, but those things which are revealed belong to us.  Thus, we study and search more carefully to apply diligence as we are called to be qodesh (holy; set apart) light.

Get excited, your life will never be the same! 


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