Mobile Applications

Digital Application Development

With the rise of the incredible smartphone, having an attractive mobile app has never been more important for many business. With newer responsive and secure mobile technologies being introduced, having a mobile app allows your employees, customers, fans and followers to connect with you quickly and conveniently at the push of a button from their smartphones.

A mobile business app will quickly boost your scalability and maximize your customer retention rate which will differentiate you from your competition. Having your own mobile app allows you to customize the mobile experience entirely, far beyond your theme’s mobile version. Your new mobile app will be available on both Android and iOS devices. We have a team of experienced designers and developers who are ready to build your new Mobile app!

Enterprise Mobile Applications:
We build enterprise mobile applications that meet the security and reliability requirements for larger organizations to increase productivity, streamline your workflows, and ultimately provide greater control and visibility for your enterprise.

Our objective is to strengthen you with amazing cutting-edge tools to help you ultimately become better. One very important resource that we develop are Mobile Applications. Mobile apps are by far one of the most important tools you can have for your ministry, company or business.

UX/UI Design & Development:
We design and develop custom Mobile applications for all your IoT brand and business needs. We leverage sophisticated mobile application development tools to design stunning, reliable, and highly responsive mobile applications that can get your ministry or business on the map.

Planet Elohim mobile application designers work directly with you to create your mobile application’s look, feel, and functionality, and will integrate the custom features that you may need. We are able to create stunning enhancements to your mobile application design and improve its aesthetics, navigation, and mobile responsiveness.

Support and Maintenance:
After mobile app deployment, we provide support & maintenance for you ensuring that your mobile app performs at optimal conditions on all your devices and that no functional errors are found.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development:
Our custom cross-platform mobile applications are built with many the tailored functions and features that optimize the user experience.

Native Mobile App Development:
We build secure, high-performance native mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms to provide the ultimate user experience and boost your brand loyalty. Your Mobile app development process time will vary depending on your exact details and also the level of functionality required.

Basic Mobile Application features:

  • Design and Development Multiple Revisions
  • Multiple Revisions
  • Mobile Operating System
  • App Icon
  • Splash Screen
  • Ad Network Integration (optional)
  • Google Play App Submission
  • IOS App Submission

Online e-commerce trends and projections are simply staggering. Investing in the development of a custom mobile application is primary for companies who seek to create the unique customer experience.  We are here to help. We fully design and develop dynamic front and back end mobile applications.

Our customizations are precise and exact according to client details, requirements, and specifications. Packages start at $2500 and may require additional costs based on your exact needs. Your new mobile application will be available on both Android and iOS devices and will quickly make you effective at an unprecedented level.

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