Grace and Truth,

Our system of reasoning, or the way we think, dominates all other systems at work within us and ultimately determines what information we will believe and reject at any given moment. The system of reasoning determines the actions we will do and not do at any given moment. We must fully comprehend that this happens on a minute by minute, moment by moment type level. At any given second you are consciously and unconsciously running through thoughts and making choices in your mind. Right now, you are thinking about the words you are reading and if they are true or important to you. Right now, as you read the words of this paragraph, your system of reasoning is at work, telling you wether it’s good or not to proceed and learning to master the system of your mind will enhance your entire life!

How do you manage this reality? How do you choose what you will believe, and what is the measurement by which you are deciding to do so? Do your thoughts dominate your mind and become. In this course you will thoroughly examine and understand this undetected system and begin to walk in the highest knowledge – Truth. You will learn how to measure all thoughts, all knowledge, and all understanding against Truth. When you master this system you will live a life that is high above deception and error. This study will teach you the tools for how to reason. You will learn your own chosen system of reasoning works and also how to enhance it.

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Master Your Mind

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